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Have You Been Injured in an Accident?

           When someone is injured, we are here to help them get the recovery they deserve.  In helping injured clients, Ms. Pamela Anevski realizes that it is very difficult on the injured person and their family.  That is why she is dedicated to being fully prepared, which includes making sure that the correct insurance carrier pays for your medical bills.  When you meet with Ms. Pamela Anevski, she will gather all the accident information from you, and endeavor to obtain all accident reports, incident reports, photographs, video tape, insurance information, records of any medical treatment you have had in connection with your accident, and other investigative materials on your behalf.  Here are the four crucial steps in starting your Personal Injury case.

1.    Choose an Experienced New Jersey Personal              Injury Attorney

  • Ms. Anevski has New Jersey Personal Injury Experience.  It is important that the attorney you choose to represent you in a personal injury matter has New Jersey Personal Injury Litigation experience.  

  • It is also crucial that the attorney you choose is someone that you can trust and you know will work hard for your rights and to get the compensation you deserve.

2. Gather Information and Documents

In order to build your case, Pamela Anevski, Esq., an experienced, New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney will gather information not only from the injured victim, but from other entities, and doctors to advise the injured person properly and to diligently represent them.   The applicable documents that will be gathered include the following:


  • Police Reports

  • Accident Reports/Incident Reports

  • Medical Records

  • Weather Data

  • Municipal Law

  • Property Ownership Data

  • Automobile Insurance Information/Coverage

  • Health Insurance Information/Coverage

  • Witness Statements

  • Wage Loss Information

Once the information and documents are obtained by Ms. Anevski, then the other stages of the case will proceed.  Even if you do not have the information and documents listed above, Ms. Anevski will get to work obtaining all information necessary.  

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3.  Schedule a Consultation

  •  Although our website is designed to provide information to our injured victims, it is important to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your specific legal rights and options when injured in an accident.   In some cases, the injured victim cannot come to the office due to their injuries. That is why Ms. Anevski will come to the injured victim's home or a more suitable location to consult and discuss their options.  

  • The general rule of thumb when it comes to hiring a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer is that the sooner you hire an experienced, trustworthy attorney, the better. This way evidence can be preserved, witnesses can be confirmed and found, the injured victim can get the medical care and treatment they need, and medical bills can be processed and paid by the proper insurance company.

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4.  Understanding Contingency Fee Agreements

  • Unlike Retainer Agreements, if you are injured in an accident, generally speaking, your lawyer gets paid only if you win the case.  Most of the time, the lawyer will front the costs and fees for the case, if you come to that agreement, and then if you win your case, your lawyer will be reimbursed for all the costs and fees incurred to pursue your case.  Additionally, the lawyer will be paid their attorney fee from the settlement or judgement if you win the case.  However, if you do not win the case, in general, you do not owe your lawyer any money, unless you have another agreement with he/she.

Ms. Anevski does not get paid unless you win your New Jersey Personal Injury Case.  It is important for the injured person to know exactly how their lawyer is handling the costs and fees to pursue their cases, and what their lawyer's fee would be if they win.  

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